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Lente Designs is a small UK based design house with a mission to bring unique style to modern technology. Why is it that the accessories on offer for your beloved phone / tablet / ebook reader are always either dull, poor quality, expensive, or plain unoriginal? At Lente Designs, we create and produce high quality and thoughtfully designed cases for technology that, lets face it, needs protecting. All of our products have been engineered to be individual in design yet thoroughly practical. Our target customer base is the more discerning individual who’s looking for something a bit different to show off their technology. 

Picture of Helen

This is Helen. Helen has a business degree and a lot of experience with small companies through running serviced business centres. Her hobbies include making long lists, working until she gets heart palpitations, and clicking every button on the computer screen over and over 100 times before shouting at Ash because for some reason the computer crashed again. Helen has an amazing eye for colours and patterns; she looks after product design along with the day to day running of the company.

Picture of Ash


This is Ash. Ash has a technology background with years of experience in product development. His hobbies include starting projects but not finishing them, buying new technology and selling new technology a week later on ebay when bored with it. Ash does the technical bits for Lente Designs including web design, product development, product photography, and playing with iPads. 

PS, Ash is the big one.

Picture of Ash

This is Jade. Jade joined us early in 2013 to assist with the daily running of the lente designs, and pretty much runs the company now! Level headed and excellent at everything she does, Jade is a super calm influence when things start getting hectic.

This is Julie, our new Marketing Manager for 2014. When we first met Julie many years ago she did kick boxing and went to Rod Stewart concerts which always struck me as a rather unsettling combination of hobbies. Julie has worked in Marketing for most of her life (but she’s really quite nice) and has done everything from old school advertising to large event management. Julie brings a huge wealth of knowledge with her and we’re immensely proud to have her on the team. For marketing enquries you can contact Jule at 
This is Gus, the office dog. Gus enjoys sleeping, eating, licking people’s faces, and barking at imaginary squirrels. His favourite place to sleep is exactly where you want to sit down, and his hobby is not fetching anything you throw for him then running off with a sock or pair of knickers he found somewhere. His celebrity look-a-like is the dog off the advert whose hapless owner tried to teach to say ‘sausages’ but kept saying ‘Walls’ instead.

One day we were thinking, "Hey, why not get style and technology together on a hot date? There are just too many boring technology accessories out there with as much appeal as a banker. Our gadgets should be chic and shouted about, not covered in cheap plastic!". We think there's plenty of   middle ground for cool, original accessories that aren't made of nasty black fake leather and don't cost a fortune. Covers and bags for phones, ebook readers and tablets that make people say "Hey, I love your cover, where did you get it from?". It's time to get creative - life's too short for fake leather.

God no, don't mention 'fake leather'!!! 

PU leather, bicast leather, split leather, reconstituted leather, pleather, leather effect, what ever they call it, it's still just FAKE leather. Here at Lente Designs we hate it so much, it keeps us awake at night wondering why people buy covers for their expensive technology made out of the stinky stuff. Find out why PU leather really gets us mad in this well balanced and neutral* report from Lente Designs.

*not really

Thank you very much for from the team!!

Proud to be a mumpreneur member

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If you do like our products, come and be friends on Facebook; that’s where we post information about new products and ask people for product ideas. Customer satisfaction is immensely important to us. If you are not happy in any way, have any design ideas, or just want to get in touch, please contact us at